Thursday, March 01, 2007

Saturday is the day to defend our NHS

Saturday is an important day in the defence of our National Health Service. Check here for official details of activities all over the country. I hope the weather stays good!

I hope to be supporting the day in Brighton – other UNISON activists will be supporting events all over London, including the official rally. There are also a wide range of events which don’t appear in the “official listings” – but which you can read about here.

As a general rule, grassroots campaigners and rank and file activists are key to effective campaigning. That is why you can read about events in Tower Hamlets, Sutton (good luck Kevin!), Enfield and all over the place, which don’t feature in the “official listings”.

The trade union leadership need to recognise that the defence of the NHS requires a positive engagement with activists. Partnership with New Labour is no longer on offer, and won’t be even under “listening Brown”…

So let's get out there on Saturday and defend our health service!

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