Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Defending public services across Europe

Well it has only taken me a few weeks to get round to signing the European TUC (ETUC) petition in defence of public services which is supported by UNISON. It only takes a few moments (you have to check a confirmation Email and click a link).

The petition calls on on the European Commission to propose European legislation on public services designed to:
Give priority to the general interest embodied in public services; Ensure that everyone has access to public services; Strengthen public services in order to guarantee citizens’ fundamental rights; Guarantee more legal security so as to allow the development of sustainable public service missions; Give public services a firm legal basis and thus immunity from ideologically motivated free market attacks.

This is a welcome riposte to the reactionary agenda pushed by the present New Labour Government and is in line with UNISON’s Positively Public campaign and with the joint union Public Service Not Private Profit campaign which inspired the TUC to organise the recent lobby of Parliament.

The ETUC want a million signatures and as I write this there are just short of 75,000 so get clicking. I suspect we may have a little more work to do to defend public services beyond the occasional lobby and petition. I wonder who has some good ideas?

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