Monday, May 14, 2007

Labour leadership - now a clear choice confronts trade union MPs

I was very pleased to hear the good news (from the BBC) that Michael Meacher has endorsed John McDonnell’s candidacy for Labour Leader.

This makes it more likely (according to the Guardian) that members of affiliated trade unions such as UNISON will have the opportunity to vote in a leadership election – and, if they wish, to back a candidate with a proven track record of support for the priorities of our trade union.

The next step is that 45 MPs (or more!) need to nominate John. This takes some courage when the obvious frontrunner has the backing of the entire establishment (including – it seems – the tacit support of many in the leadership of the trade unions!) I hope that more than enough MPs will show that courage, so that our members can have their democratic voice.

Congratulations to Michael Meacher on taking an honourable decision – and to all those who want our members to have a choice. UNISON members who want to contact MPs linked to our Union can find a list on our official UNISON website.

I would particularly welcome comment from any fellow UNISON member who feels we should be supporting Gordon Brown rather than John McDonnell!

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