Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Will the Labour Link stand up for UNISON policies?

So Alan Johnson reckons John McDonnell won’t get the 45 nominations from MPs to give Party members and trade unionists a choice… (if he fails to become Deputy Leader he can always take up fortune telling on Brighton Pier!) That would be the same Alan Johnson who wants to reduce the trade union role in the Labour Party of course…

Some mischief making is going on obviously. However for those of us outside the Westminster bubble – all we can do is press MPs to use their right to nominate to give us our democratic voice for Labour Leader.

UNISON (and the GMB) have set out our objectives for the election. UNISON members need to press UNISON MPs to nominate a candidate who supports our policies. Official pressure from our trade union could make all the difference.

Tomorrow’s meeting of the UNISON Labour Link Committee has a once in a decade opportunity to give our Union some clout by nominating a candidate who supports our policies. If we don’t stand up for our beliefs now then I don’t give too much for the long term future of the Labour Link…

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