Thursday, May 17, 2007

Unity between UNISON and PCS

It’s good to see a positive approach from UNISON to PCS in relation to joint working – and a call from PCS for united action over pay.

Our General Secretary has proposed meeting with PCS to discuss how the two unions could:
coordinate campaigns against privatisation and work together to promote public services
liaise on pay developments, so any industrial action could be coordinated
share information on developments in public services, the impact on members and in developing a response.

This follows from discussion at the last meeting of the UNISON NEC at which we were told, in the context of a report of joint initiatives with the GMB that “discussions on closer working have also been taking place with civil service union PCS.”

Last year’s UNISON Conference instructed the NEC to “initiate preliminary discussions with those trade unions who work closely with UNISON on bargaining arrangements and other trade unions who interface with UNISON such as the civil service unions, with a view to forming a new public service trade union in order to maximise the organisational strength of trade union members within public service.”

Practical unity in action on the ground is what we need now if we are to take on the Government over pay.

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