Thursday, July 12, 2007

General Secretary's report continued

The good news about Gordon Brown is social housing and the abandonment of super casinos. Dave Prentis says that “if” Gordon Brown goes down the path of marketisation we will oppose him, but that we seem to have a team of ministers in health whom we can work with. (If?) (Is there more than one Gordon Brown?)

Dave also points out that the SNP administration in Scotland is implementing a number of measures which reflect our policies as will the Labour/Plaid Cymru coalition in Wales. I look forward to hearing about the lessons which our Labour Link Committee (to which I was sadly not elected by my NEC colleagues) have drawn for our work in England.

Without pausing for breath (or questions) Dave has moved on to report on NHS Together and Karen Jennings is now telling us that we need to move the national demonstration planned for 13 October because of difficulties with venues. The new date is likely to be 3 November, when a better venue is available.

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