Thursday, July 19, 2007

UNISON's political Committees

Just a quick post as I take a break from preparing another appeal.

I can now post the composition of UNISON's Political Committees. In the case of the Labour Link Committee this is the list of the twelve NEC members elected by the NEC to that Committee. Elections for eleven directly elected members to represent the Regions (excluding Northern Ireland) are underway and nominations have just closed. The Labour Link Committee has formal authority over UNISON's work in the Labour Party - it will have to decide whether the popular action taken to restrict donations to the Party during the LGPS dispute should be repeated now that we are moving into dispute with the (Labour?) Government over pay in our two largest service groups.

The GPF (General Political Fund) Committee consists only of the twelve NEC members elected by and from those members of the NEC who pay into that section of the fund (since you can pay into both sections some NEC members are (un)lucky enough to be on both Committees. The GPF Committee controls expenditure on non-party political campaigns and (for example) funded the recent recruitment advertising featuring lions, tigers etc. (I shall restrain myself from any catty remarks on that...)

Anyway here are the members of the Committees;

James Anthony
Angela Bowen
Sue Forster
Mike Hayes
Gill Malik
June Nelson
Lynn Poulton
Norma Stephenson
Sam Selon
Irene Stacey
Steve Warwick
Linda Wilkinson

James Anthony
Sarah Bradfield
Jane Carolan
Graeme Horn
Maureen Le Marinel
Annette Mansell-Green – Co-Chair
Helen Rose
Alison Shepherd
Sian Stockham
Linda Sweet
Chris Tansley – Co-Chair
Steve Warwick

I posted the membership of all other NEC Committees previously.


Matthew Stiles said...

Any info about these committee members political history/background or would be that to tread on dangerous turf? I'm guessing that you (and other United Left people) are not on there due to lack of votes but correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

You mean the GPF actually paid for someone's holiday safari snaps from Africa,India and N America? Wow -how do I get them to pay for my holidays? How much did that cost - or aren't we allowed to know?