Thursday, July 12, 2007

General Secretary's report to UNISON NEC

The General Secretary began his report to the UNISON NEC this morning with reference to the Union having achieved Investors in People status and by praising the role of UNISON Welfare in supporting members who have been affected by flooding.

He then moved on to discuss Equal Pay, and I think that now we have had a briefing on the subject in an open session at Conference I can safely report some of this discussion, which prompted numerous contributions from the floor.

We have been told again that there will be a “roadshow” of meetings around the Union to consult all parts of the Union on how to resource mass Equal Pay litigation. This won’t be like the ACAS sanctioned events at which employers try to cajole employees into accepting settlements!

The General Secretary expressed disappointment at the turn out for Tuesday’s lobby of Parliament – whilst rightly congratulating those who attended for their efforts. I suggested that more could have been done – for example at Conference – to get members to the lobby, but this prompted a strong defence of the effectiveness of the work done to build the lobby from the Chair of the Policy Committee.

Dave Prentis said that we need to think through why we now struggle to fill the small hall at Central Hall whereas twenty years ago the Unions could fill the large hall (which is now what London Citizens do).

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Anonymous said...

Why can London Citizens fill a hall and UNISON can't? Perhaps that is also linked with why UNISON membership is falling? People will link to an organisation that campaigns with them, treats them with some respect,is relevant to their needs and has some vestiges of transparent democracy? It seeks to cut across divides whilst UNISON seems to be manufacturing divides by invoking silly rules to keep union members apart. In a world that is falling apart UNISON seems to be leading the way in its dissolution at times, always hoping that a juicy bone wil be thrown its way but dining in the end only on sops. Bizarre.Sorry for being so down.