Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hanover Day

I don’t often blog about my Labour Party activities (and when I do I don’t use UNISON resources to do so because of the implications of Rule J)(a comment for those Rule Book junkies out there…!) However, Labour Party activism ought to go alongside union activism since we want to change the world and not just the workplace.

I had a really good time today at Hanover Day in Brighton on a Labour Party stall with candidate Nancy Platts who is far and away the best person to be the next Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion (which has to have the best name of any Parliamentary constituency – how many others are named for a Regency folly of gargantuan proportions???)

Anyway we comprehensively outclassed our main local political opponents by running a stall which had both politics and a sense of humour – we need to reclaim the Labour Party locally and nationally for Labour Party policies (as opposed to the policies of privatisation favoured by one G Brown…)

Then we could maybe win a fourth term and do good things with it...

Or am I just an incurable optimist...

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