Monday, October 11, 2010

Bring back the July Days

This is the one-after-the-last post about last week's meeting of the UNISON NEC.

Regular readers Sid and Doris Blogger will know that I was not best pleased that we had no meeting of the UNISON NEC in July (as we have previously) and therefore had a gap from June to October.

This meant that the full NEC had no say in UNISON's decision to vote for major constitutional changes at the TUC.

It also meant that the NEC were mere spectators in a major reorganisation of our senior management structures.

Most importantly, our NEC had failed to meet in the immediate aftermath of the Emergency Budget and the most important challenge UNISON has ever faced.

Whilst the original decision to rearrange our timetable of meetings may have been taken by a good Bolshevik who favoured the discipline and effectiveness of October over the excessive enthusiasm of the July Days, I was nevertheless pleased to hear President Angela Lynes say that this decision would be reviewed for future years.

There won't be any time soon when a gap of more than three months between meetings of the UNISON NEC will be justifiable.

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