Monday, October 04, 2010

Rank and file environmentalism in Greater London Unison

I have been reviewing the paperwork for next week's meeting of UNISON's Greater London Regional Council and am happy to spot a couple of progressive developments.

First, the NEC report has been relegated to the back of the Reports booklet even though it comes before many other reports on the agenda.

This is a welcome assertion, by the Regional Management Team in Greater London, of the primacy of the rank and file. My only regret is that - since I am the only one of the Region's four NEC members to have submitted a report - I am alone in being able to express my admiration.

Secondly, whilst I foolishly requested that the General Secretary's letter explaining the decision to appoint additional Assistant General Secretaries (whilst restricting the pool of applicants) should be copied to all delegates, the office has wisely decided to limit our carbon footprinted by not doing so.

It is surely a positive statement of the "Greening" of London UNISON that the Regional Secretary knew that there was no need to consult me in advance about the decision not to provide delegates with the report as I had intended.

This is a welcome assertion, by the Regional Management Team, of UNISON's "Green" credentials in the spirit of which I shall now ensure that the letter circulates far and wide electonically so that it does not deplete scarce resources.

As much as this apparent conversion of senior officials in UNISON's Greater London Region to the "Green Left" is unexpected, it is hardly unwelcome.

With the sad news today about Norman Wisdom, the last echoes of Albanian Communism are now gone - libertarian Green socialism offers a viable alternative which I commend to the Regional Management Team - and the Regional Council Officers who are nominally in charge - in UNISON's Greater London Region.

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