Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hutton picks on public servants

A hat tip to fellow UNISON blogger Dave Watson for a useful summary of today's interim report attacking our pensions from Lord Hutton ( which saves me the bother of reading it on my day off.

Increased pension contributions are a de facto pay cut and will be a very clear indication that low paid public servants are to pay the price for the bail-out of the banks.

Coming on top of the changes to indexation which have already shaved up to 15% of the value of our income in retirement, Hutton's proposals look a lot like a declaration of war on public sector workers.

All of which reminds me that there is something that should be said to those public servants who voted Lib Dem in May.

But I shan't say it as I avoid obscenities when blogging.

Instead I shall coin a new swear word and simply say that those who voted for the Coalition parties were total Huttons.

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