Thursday, October 14, 2010

Collapse the Coalition!

Megan Dobney of SERTUC is addressing the sadly inquorate meeting of UNISON's Greater London Regional Council and setting out how we must go about trying to bring down the Coalition Government.

She's right that we have our work cut out to win the argument - first of all with our own members - that cuts are not required. The TUC back PCS in their focus upon bringing down tax avoidance and evasion. 20,000 more jobs in HMRC could raise twenty billion quid - but the ConDems would rather savage our services than collect our cash.

Megan, a Lambethan, has made the point that our defence of the One O'Clock Clubs shows how to mobilise service users and communities to fight job cuts. She has also called for support for Monday's lobby of Croydon Council, who are facing a spirited response to their attack upon the conditions of service of our workforce and for support for both the SERTUC rally and the FBU/RMT march leading to that rally.

Campaigning work can shift popular opinion - majority opposition to Royal Mail privatisation is a product of campaigning by CWU over recent years. The French experience shows how we too can mobilise.

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