Friday, March 30, 2012

By George!

George Galloway was probably entitled to his charateristic hyperbole last night ( But whilst this may not have been "the most sensational result in British by-election history" (and may not have involved "the grace of God"), the victor said something serious when he said that "The people of Bradford have spoken this evening for people in inner cities everywhere in the United Kingdom."

For those who are more worried about worklessness than fiscal credibility, those on the sharp end of economic stagnation and social disintegration, for whom falling real wages are causing real hardship rather than inconvenience, the Labour Party leadership have too little to say.

It was a depressing night for Labour Party activists on the ground ( - but what's really depressing is how the Party appears both unable and unwilling to engage with important sections of the electorate who ought to be natural supporters.

If the trade unions are to fulfill the important role of anchoring our Party to our class, then our leaders need to do more to demand that the Party leadership speaks for and to the marginalised, disenfranchised and excluded.

In this context, tomorrow's Morning Star Conference; "For a People's Britain not a Bankers' Britain" ( is a timely opportunity for those General Secretaries who are attending to do just that.

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