Thursday, July 13, 2006

Good News at the UNISON NEC!

It was reported to the National Executive Council (NEC) on 12 July that UNISON had won an impressive number of awards for press and publicity work from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and also that Croyde Bay, UNISON’s Holiday Centre had been awarded four stars. I went to Croyde Bay for the first time earlier this year and can thoroughly recommend it.

Another small item of good news from the start of the meeting was that the NEC rejected an attempt to exclude Glenn Kelly, a local government NEC member from the Greater London Region, from discussion about National Delegate Conference. Glenn had attended Conference as a delegate from his branch rather than as an NEC member and a small minority of NEC members felt he should not be part of any discussion on the NEC about Conference.

A slightly larger minority (of which I was one) thought Glenn should stay, and the majority abstained – so Glenn stayed and joined in the discussion. I expressed my concern that Conference had got through so few motions, and that the President had unnecessarily closed Conference early on the final afternoon.

I should point out that the picture above relates to Croyde Bay and not to Glenn Kelly.

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