Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some confusion about the Labour Party?

From the Guardian yesterday;

An open debate on Labour's future Friday July 7, 2006The Guardian
Tony Blair's recent article was published under the heading "No more coded critiques - let's have an open debate on where we go next" (June 27). We welcome that and agree there should now be an open public debate on the future direction of our party and government. In particular, we believe there is now an urgent need to focus on the following issues: ending poverty and rising inequality; a government and party leadership which is accountable; an end to privatisation of public services; foreign policy; and employment rights and trade union law.
Following the initiative taken by the prime minister, we intend over the next few months to organise a public debate around these issues in order to point the way towards the change of direction in government policy that so many in the Labour movement now want to see.Frank Dobson MP, Angela Eagle MP, Billy Hayes (CWU), Paul Kenny (GMB), Michael Meacher MP, Dave Prentis (Unison), Tony Robinson (ex-NEC), Clare Short MP, Derek Simpson (Amicus), John Trickett MP, Tony Woodley (TGWU)

And from the Guardian today;

Due to a misunderstanding the names of Angela Eagle, the MP for Wallasey, Dave Prentis of Unison, Derek Simpson of Amicus and Paul Kenny of GMB were incorrectly included among the co-signatories to a letter headed An open debate on Labour's future, page 35, yesterday.

What are we to make of this? Is it fair to blame the Grauniad? Might responsibility lie in the office of one of the MPs who signed the letter??

With thanks to the anorak who pointed this out to me!

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