Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Radical advice from the TUC?

According to their website the TUC is today (Tuesday) launching its 'cool work' campaign as it urges employers in the UK to follow the lead of Japanese businesses and relax dress codes as the temperature rises.

Last year, in an attempt to reduce energy use, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi took off his tie and urged his country's workforce to leave their jackets and ties at home so that their employers could turn down the air conditioning or do away with it all together during their hot, humid summer.

The TUC believes that the best way for staff to keep cool inside when it's hot outside is for employees to be able to sport more casual attire in the office, perhaps coming in jacket and tie-less, or wearing shorts.

So - not quite the General Strike of 1926 - but something radical I suppose, at least for the TUC. I am looking forward to going to this year's Congress now - perhaps the General Council will appear in swimwear (no, perhaps not...)

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