Sunday, July 23, 2006

UNISON MP backed for Labour Leader

UNISON member, John McDonnell MP received the overwhelming endorsement of the annual meeting of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC) to stand for Leader of the Labour Party when Tony Blair stands down.

The third annual meeting of the LRC was the best attended and most positive meeting the LRC has held, and Labour Party and trade union members at the meeting were united in enthusiasm for John's campaign.

Socialists and trade unionists in the Labour Party now have a focus for campaigning activity over the coming year as we assert our right to challenge for the future of our Party, which was created to represent working people - not as a vehicle for New Labour careerists and hangers on!

In UNISON (and the other Unions) we will need to discuss whether we should be timid and hope that we can influence Gordon Brown - or whether we give our full backing to a candidate standing on a programme of policies which our unions would support.

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