Monday, July 10, 2006

ID card scheme in crisis?

It is good to see that the Government’s plans to introduce ID cards are in such disarray (,,1816799,00.html).

UNISON is opposed to the government’s ID scheme and remains concerned about the cost of the scheme and the impact on race relations and civil rights.The scheme is expected to cost up to £19bn, and charges are likely to impact most on the poor, especially those living in insecure accommodation who are expected to be charged for changes to the database every time they change address.

This policy was reaffirmed at this year’s National Delegate Conference (see the report at

Conference delegates expressed alarm at the potential impact on race relations. There was concern that black and ethnic minority people would be targeted when trying to access public services, and would be subject to more frequent stop and search procedures.

To find out what you can do to support UNISON policy and oppose ID cards visit Unfortunately very few Members of Parliament opposed the Government on this issue – including only a handful of those MPs linked to our Union, so writing to MPs to push them to oppose the ID card scheme now that it is falling apart seems like a good idea.

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