Thursday, September 14, 2006

59% of union activists back John McDonnell

The Electoral Reform Society stall at the TUC Congress ran an online poll for delegates to vote for their preferred candidate for Leader of the Labour Party.

Over 200 delegates voted. Alan Johnson got 8%. Gordon Brown got 10%. John McDonnell got 59%.

I think that Union linked MPs should get the message and nominate John to ensure that trade unionists get the chance to vote for a candidate who backs trade union policies.

Otherwise our members will wonder what the point of our link to the Labour Party is. We don't want to be left with a choice between Scylla (Brown) and Charybdis (Johnson)!

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k84blogs said...

Hey Jon,

Can u explain the process for an MP getting their name on the ballot paper? They have to get 44 names in support or something, is that true?