Friday, September 08, 2006

UNISON Rule D.3.4.11 and the fight for our pensions

There has been some discussion of convening a meeting across Service Groups to look at the impasse in the pensions dispute. However the rules only allow for a special service group Conference convened in a particular way. I think the attached motion might do the business but would welcome comments!

Local Government Pension Scheme dispute

This Branch/Branch Committee resolves to submit the attached motion to the national head of local government on 1 November 2006 in accordance with Rule D.3.4.11;

“In accordance with Rule D.3.4.11, we call for a special Service Group Conference to discuss the following motion;

‘This Conference instructs the Service Group Executive (SGE) to make a definite recommendation to members in any ballot on the future of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

We instruct the SGE to recommend opposition to any proposals which fail to deliver, at an absolute minimum, full protection for the rights of existing scheme members..

In the event that the SGE is not able to recommend support for Government proposals for our pensions, in accordance with the spirit of this motion, we resolve to instruct the Service Group Executive to take all appropriate steps to organise sustained national industrial action in support of our objectives.’”
Comments please!

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