Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Stop New Labour's crazy privatisation of NHS Logistics

The BBC report that the Government have decided to privatise NHS Logistics to DHL. As the BBC put it; “the move is the biggest example of what some regard as creeping NHS privatisation”. Let’s be clear, there is no reason on earth why the private sector should be able to handle supplying our hospitals better than a dedicated in-house service.

Only the most twisted ideologue would believe that a private company will automatically be more efficient – and in practical terms there is not a single thing which they can do which could not be done by the public sector. The one thing the public sector cannot do is make a profit for private shareholders.

UNISON is campaigning against this privatisation and balloting for strike action by our members employed by NHS Logistics. If you want to help the Government avoid this foolish and massively unpopular step you can lobby your MP. You can also download a poster explaining UNISON’s campaign in English and Polish.

DHL have had problems in their relations with unions in the past – last year GMB members had to threaten strike action. The Government’s obsession with privatisation now threatens further strife. It shows why we need to keep our NHS public – and why we need better policies and different leadership for this “Labour” Government.

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