Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blair cannot answer on privatisation

In his “question and answer” session at the TUC Blair has just been asked by UNISON, PCS and Prospect delegates about privatisation. He has tried to defend the record of his Government in terms of the increased employment in public services overall. He has then said that voters want to see improved public services.

He has however completely failed to engage with the questions asked – at least two of the questioners explicitly asked why the Government was pro-privatisation. Blair set out his belief that “reform” in public services was necessary but completely failed to answer as to why he believes privatisation will achieve this.

Questioners from the Prison Officers Association and the Probation Officers union have tried to pin him down on details. He is visibly unable to deal with this detail. He has an ideological commitment to privatisation and he cannot see beyond that.

This shows the need for UNISON’s Positively Public campaign and for the joint union Public Services Not Private Profit Campaign.

But it also shows why the unions need to find – and support – a candidate for Labour Leader who supports public services.


Curlew said...

If the TUC conference unites in recommending only one candidate for the leadership election, then I do believe this sounds the death knell for democracy in the labour party.

Anonymous said...

"PCS and Prospect delegates"

Neither of those unions is affiliated to Labour, indeed the leader of PCS is a member of the very far left and a supporter of Galloways 'Respect' outfit.

Perhaps when the Tories are in power and are rolling back all the social reforms this government is introduced, some of the more rabid types in the TUC will wake up to what they have lost.

A soft socialist said...

Anon - true Serwotka is a major trot. But I think he supports whoever the leftie candidate is be that labour, respect whatever. In most cases labour.

Just a quick question Jon, why are UNISON not signed up to positively public?

A soft socialist said...

Any reason as to why u don't?

A soft socialist said...

But Prentis has been critising PFI in the NHS for ages.