Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Labour Party Conference opposes privatisation of housing and health services!

I’m glad I was right to predict that New Labour would lose the vote on Council Housing at Party Conference. I am even more glad that Conference voted against Government policy on the National Health Service.

Labour Party Conference has put the Labour Party on the side of the majority of the population and against the New Labour Government on the question of privatisation. Now Labour Party members and trade unionists have to choose a candidate for Labour leader who supports Party policy – not Government policy!

The BBC’s “Labour Conference at a Glance” page has a link to the site of one John McDonnell – he seems to back the policies that the Party has just agreed in defence of social housing and the NHS!


Matthew said...

Looking at the results of votes taken it is pretty clear why the Conference Arrangements Committee was so keen to rule out of order so many contemporary motions. It also begs the question as to how much has the Labour Party really changed under Blair.

Anonymous said...

Any news on NEC NHS statement card vote?