Thursday, August 30, 2007

Better blogging...

I am slowly getting the hang of this now that I have been doing it for more than a year :)

I put a poll on the blog asking if people thought 2% was a good enough pay rise for public sector workers and I am glad to say that more than 80% of you thought it wasn't.

Today I have changed the poll to refer specifically to the pay offer in local government.

Having had sight of correspondence from a particularly diligent paid official of the Union earlier today I have to point out that this poll on the blog is a purely personal initiative and does not amount to any form of formal consultation.

No decision having been taken as to whether we will waste all our time by re-running the consultation exercise now that the employers' have finally made the offer we all knew that they were going to make in the first place, it would - apparently - be quite wrong for members to be consulted in advance of any such decision.

Anyway - vote in the poll!

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