Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cuts cost lives

Cuts cost lives – whether in the Fire Service or the Health Service. (And most “reorganisations” of public services which purport to be about improving services are really about making cuts – though not always in the pay of those at the very top…!)

The answer to improving public services is to put in the resources and manage the services well.

We don’t need continually “efficiencies” (a code word for cuts and job losses) nor do we need the involvement of private companies or so-called Third Sector organisations which try to drive down pay and conditions (and the quality of services!)

I’d like to say that it is time our trade union movement stood up against the Government that is driving through these attacks on our public services. But that would be wrong. It is long past that time.

At the TUC in three weeks time the trade union leaders could tell us which side we should be on in the confrontation between the Government and our members – deliberately initiated by the Government.

Or perhaps that won't happen...

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