Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Victimisation of a UNISON official

I am sad to learn that Newham Council have suspended UNISON Branch Chair, Michael Gavan.

Michael is a widely respected UNISON activist and the Newham Branch deserve our full support in responding to this attack.

I have today sent the following message to Robin Wales and Chris Wood at Newham Council;

“I am writing to express my disappointment at the decision of the London Borough of Newham to suspend the highly respected Chair of the local UNISON Branch, Michael Gavan.

I hope that you will swiftly reverse this foolish suspension which reflects very badly upon the London Borough of Newham.

This is not the conduct of a progressive twenty-first century local authority and I very much hope that you will seek to restore a constructive relationship with the Newham branch of UNISON.”

I strongly urge all trade unionists to support our brothers and sisters in Newham – copying in the Newham Branch to any correspondence.

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