Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bought off with 2.5%???

I see Gordon Brown is being accused by the Tories of trying to “buy off” public sector workers in order to avoid controversy in the Labour Party.

I don’t think a pay offer to local government workers which fails to meet the minimum objectives set by our Conference ought to be enough to buy us off!!

Good luck to striking Prison Officers, whose inadequate 2.5% pay award is being staged to save money. Also to UNISON health service members in Sheffield striking against pay cuts.

There is plenty of money for the fat cats. We should be demanding a fair share for public sector workers, resisting Government attempts to divide and rule – and defending our right to speak out in the Labour Party!

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Anonymous said...

Prison officers had a splendidly supported picket line outside Brixton prison today in response to their miserly 2% pay offer!