Monday, April 07, 2008

A sad weekend

This has been a sad weekend for trade unionists. Saturday saw the untimely death of NUT General Secretary, Steve Sinnott just as his union is preparing for national strike action in opposition to continuing real terms pay cuts which threaten the future of the teaching profession and the education of our children.

Personally, I was also shocked to hear of the premature death of RMT activist and former Lambeth Labour Councillor, Greg Tucker. A heartfelt personal obituary is online here. I first knew Greg as a Councillor during one of the few genuinely leftwing Council administrations for which I have ever worked. I last recollect talking to him a while ago when he was helping initiate the National Shop Stewards Network. He had the sort of enduring commitment on which our movement depends in order to survive.

Trade unionism and socialist politics are lifetime commitments – and we can none of us know how long a lifetime is.

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