Monday, April 21, 2008

Three days until the start of the fight for fair pay for public servants in 2008

Knowing first hand that a number of parents have missed the news that many schools will be closed on Thursday by the NUT strike action, I am pleased to see this getting some coverage.

Striking alongside members of PCS and UCU, NUT members will be opening this year’s public sector pay fight. UNISON members in health and local government now have the opportunity to decide to join in.

We need to mobilise support for Thursday’s action (and do all we can to help) and win the argument for action among our own members. We need to develop plans for effective and achievable industrial action, and articulate a progressive policy alternative to the reactionary approach of holding down the pay of public servants.

We have to get beyond the argument of “don’t we work hard and deserve more money” (although we do and we do) and put a case for an economic policy which is based upon investment in services and the people who provide them. This is what we need from the TUC.

With plenty to do I am now happy to be going back to work this morning.

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