Monday, April 28, 2008

The state of our unions on Workers Memorial Day

Workers Memorial Day is a day to remember those killed just for going to work – but I think it is also a day to reflect on the state of the movement which – through our campaigns – created every single legal protection for the health, safety and welfare of working people.

It’s a good day to be part of a growing global trade union movement which, even in this country, can mobilise mass strike action against Government inspired pay restraint and which still includes strategically placed workers who can wield significant industrial muscle.

Although both the splendid and entirely justified action at Grangemouth and the public sector pay disputes are defensive battles, the fact that they are being waged gives the lie to those in our ranks who think that our members will not fight.

There is only now a little over a week for UNISON members in local government to let our branches know how we feel about the offer of a real terms pay cut. A timetable for the consultation with members in health is now needed…

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