Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Industrial disputes in local government

Although I represent the best and most important Region in UNISON on the National Executive, I do notice what happens elsewhere – in Birmingham for example, where business leaders have their knickers in a twist because UNISON members striking over the implementation of Single Status are coordinating their action with teachers, college lecturers and civil servants on Thursday.

On the same day in Leeds, refuse collectors in the GMB Union will be starting a work to rule following a one day strike over the same basic issue. In the mean time, in Glasgow, the Council is threatening job losses and appears to be blaming the costs of implementing their pay and grading review.

The underlying problem which unifies all these disputes is the problem of inadequate funding of public services. This problem calls for a unified – and unifying – response from the trade union movement, industrially and politically. That is what ought to be the most important topic of conversation at the coming round of Union Conferences.

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