Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lambeth Branch on good form :)

It is great to link to some good news from my own UNISON branch in Lambeth!

Thanks to support from UNISON's General Political Fund, approved by the Regional Finance Team in Greater London, our branch has been able to employ a consultant (that's a good consultant who believes in public services!) to help us develop credible proposals for a direct labour organisation (to be managed via a tenant led board with worker and Councillor representation) to deliver services to tenants in the borough.

Through united work between activists in the branch, the cooperation of our Regional Organiser, and a productive working relationship with Labour Councillors, we are showing what is possible for those of us in local government branches fortunate enough to have employers who are not hostile. The effective unity of all branch activists is of course also critical to this - as is the assistance of the Region.

I'm proud to come from a UNISON branch which can function so effectively - and whether or not we achieve the objective which we have set ourselves I know that in Lambeth we are giving effect to the intentions of UNISON's Million Voices campaign as well as anyone in the UK.

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nick venedi said...

You are right Jon. Lambeth Unison is the best!
Nick Venedi