Saturday, March 20, 2010

Solidarity with BA strikers

The media are laying into fellow trade unionists and its important to be clear that we should be on the side of the workers.

Unite members working at BA have started a three-day strike against the employer, after BA failed to table acceptable proposals on the issues of job cuts and crews' fears that management is driving down standards at the airline.

There will also be a demo at Heathrow this morning (Saturday 20th March) at 10:30am in solidarity with the strikers.

Good luck and best wishes to all who can make it.

This is from a statement from the Labour Representation Committee;


John McDonnell MP , LRC Chair, said:

"This dispute is a prime example of the current industrial relations climate, with the employer not only seeking to win but to break the union too.

"This is an indication of the coming disputes, and requires maximum solidarity. We need to learn the lessons and co-ordinate industrial action across the economy if we are to ensure ordinary people do not pay for this crisis."

Hear hear!

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