Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Union-bashing blues

Today's Morning Star reports on some vintage union bashing from the refurbished Thatcherites running the Tory party (

Eric Pickles says a Tory Government would restrict party funding from trade unions. (In Eric those who would break the link between trade unions and Labour have a steadfast, if presumably unwelcome, ally).

The Tories want to restrict trade union funding of political parties not merely for narrow party advantage.

For them the collective expression of the political will of the working class through our trade unions is an affront.

Workers should know our (work)place and leave governing and ruling to those who were born to it.

As John McDonnell rightly points out, the Tories are set to pose an almost existential threat to our movement.

We need a fighting leadership and an organised membership to face this challenge.

Complacent praise of the status quo in our union borders on the criminal.

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Bill King said...

I take it that you men Eric Pickles is a threat to our very existence rather than he subscribes to the philosophical viewpoint of existentialism - The idea that (human) existence is a series of free choices, the responsibility for which cannot be lessened by any set of rules, any circumstances, or any outside influences. though Obviously as a Tory he does.

Anonymous said...

So, supporting the current leadership and a belief that the current General Secretary is the right person to lead us is 'bordering on the criminal' is it? The 170 branches, 4 service groups, six regions, three national SOGs, young members, retired members are all bordering on the criminal are they?

Your contempt for the members of this union is truly astonishing. I can only look forward to reading the mealy mouthed explanation for your preferred candidate's inevitable defeat. I presume it will show equal disdain for our members

Anonymous said...

Jon, even by your standards, the idea that those who wish to democratise union funding also wish restrict party funding is ludicrous.

Still, I suppose you are just setting out your "the ultra-left let the Tories in" stall nice and early, whilst you sit on the fence.