Thursday, March 25, 2010

Milne Voices for public services

Seumas Milne in today's Grauniad makes the compelling case for reflationary public investment which ought to be (but isn't) being made from the Labour front bench (

He is right to foresee a period of social and political conflict as the custodians of our capitalist economy (of whichever political colour) take the axe to public services. Unison's "Million Voices" campaign ( has the potential to mobilise mass opposition to spending cuts - indeed Unison will be at the epicentre of the coming turmoil.

Our employers are already anticipating the real budget - the one which will come after the election. In the absence of a party of the centre-left articulating even a social democratic (let alone socialist) alternative to the devastation of our services, Unison must continue to point out that there is another way.

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