Monday, March 29, 2010

Total Place or safe place?

I have missed blogging properly this morning working on a presentation on Total Place for my local Trades Council.

Six months ago our Local Strategic Partnership, without waiting for the reports from the Total Place pilots, brainstormed how to save 20% from public spending in the borough.

The conclusions that they arrived at were consistent, they later concluded, with the Total Place initiative, for which such grand claims have been made on such slender foundations.

Since our LSP also saw the need for a "safe place" to develop cuts proposals (safe perhaps at this stage from our prying eyes) I hope Trades Council delegates will agree that we need to organise to scrutinise, engage with, respond to and - when necessary - oppose cuts proposals as they emerge, whether from a safe place or Total Place.

The lack of helpful guidance on the TUC website is not acceptable!

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