Wednesday, February 01, 2012

7 March - an appointment to keep for the sake of your health

Put the evening of 7 March in your diary - and come to the rally in defence of the NHS (

The privatisation and break up of our National Health Service is in front of us, and we need to step up our opposition in the interests of patients, carers, health workers and every one of us.

While you've got your diary out, remember that 21 February is the launch date ( for the open statement from Defend Council Housing and Housing Emergency ( Tenants, the homeless and construction workers all need investment in Council housing - and we need to fight for this.

These are just two of the fronts opened up in the Coalition Government's assault upon our Welfare state. Whilst valuable campaigns are being fought, sector by sector and issue by issue, we also need to recapture the power of a unified response to the overarching attacks.

The TUC put half a million of us on the streets last spring. We need a larger national demonstration - but even a smaller one would be better than leaving each struggle to be waged alone.

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