Thursday, February 09, 2012

Fighting privatisation - in Barnet and beyond

Our Coalition Government is on a mission not simply to make savage cuts but also to privatise as much of the provision of public services as will remain.

In this way, an economic crisis originating in the financial heart of the private sector is becoming an opportunity for the triumph of the very values that caused the crisis.

If we cannot halt this then we shall see more and more schools and hospitals being run to make a profit rather than to provide a service. In local government the Tory dream of a commissioning Council will be the nightmare from which our communities will be unable to wake.

This is why today's strike action in Barnet ( is so important - because it shows that trade union members can, and will, fight to protect our public services. We need many more branches to follow suit if we are to mobilise the strength of our movement to resist the destruction of our public services.

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