Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Solidarity with the people of Greece

As savage as the spending cuts we face may be, Greece shows just how bleak austerity can get (and that democracy itself is not indispensable to those who worship the new pantheon of credit rating agencies).

It is therefore timely to declare solidarity with our Greek brothers and sisters (http://m.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/feb/13/solidarity-campaign-people-greece?cat=world&type=article) - you can add your name to the statement of solidarity courtesy of the Coalition of Resistance (http://www.coalitionofresistance.org.uk/2012/02/sign-the-appeal-for-solidarity-with-the-people-of-greece/).

It is good to see a number of leading trade unionists putting their names to this statement. If we are to defend the interests of trade union members, in Europe and across the world, we need - as a movement - to break free from the mindset that says that deficits must be reduced and budgets balanced.

The price of playing by the rules of our existing system includes the enforced idleness and impoverishment of millions, the squandering of productive potential that could be used for the good of society, and the dismantling of the social gains of generations. The Greek people are currently paying the highest price (denominated in Euros) - but working people throughout Europe and beyond are paying heavily also.

We need a movement capable of repeating both 26 March and 30 November 2011, of broadening and deepening both protest and industrial action, and of thinking (and acting) both globally and locally.

We are a long way from having what we need - but the signatories of the appeal for solidarity with the people of Greece are, at least, facing in the right direction.

As regular readers of this blog, Sid and Doris Internationalist, will be aware, the deadline for motions to UNISON Conference is now just days away.

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nick venedi said...

Good of you Jon but I think the British TUs have been slow in showing support and solidarity.

There are now soup kitchens opened up in major cities of Greece with people queeing up to get something to eat! This is disgraceful.

The general strike action of last weekend was the 7th in the last year but the non democratically elected government there is pressing ahead with the draconian measures imposed on Greece by Berlin.