Sunday, February 05, 2012

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

In October 1969, the American radical group, the Weathermen deliberately caused chaos in Chicago. In this country we generally prefer different conduct from our forecasters, although we do enjoy (particularly in London and the South) complaining about both the weather and the presumed inability of our authorities to respond adequately to it.

In the past, however, weather related difficulties have caused the postponement of the Greater London Regional Council Annual General Meeting.

This can happen because the role of those individuals elected as delegates to Regional Council is so critical, at the margins, to the delivery of London’s public services in snowy weather, that we cannot reasonably expect the employers to release them for a three hour meeting.

Happily, there are currently no severe weather warnings for London & South East England from Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 February, although those leafleting outside the venue for Regional Council are expecting severe frost, with a possible area of high pressure developing later around some delegates as they complete ballot papers.

Since Transport for London say that the city is “open for business”, I’ll prepare the huskies for the sled ride in to Central London on Wednesday morning.

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