Thursday, February 23, 2012

Defend Equality

Belated solidarity to PCS members taking strike action today to defend jobs and services at the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHCR) (

Having approached predecessor bodies of the EHCR on various occasions over the years I know that the Equalities Commissions were never adequately resourced in the first place. Since the creation of the EHCR in 2007 we have witnessed the axing of 63% from the organisation's budget and 72% from staffing.

There really could be no clearer indication of the contemptuous attitude of the Tory Government to those on the receiving end of oppression than further reductions in the already paltry resources devoted to addressing such systematic disadvantage.

Now be amongst the first to say "enough!" and sign the e-petition to save the EHRC ( ).

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nick venedi said...


Defending Equality should be one of the top priorities of our union. Self Organisation within Unison has helped a lot and SOG activists with others are at the forefront of that fight. But I sense and notice that ageism is very much in evidence where ever you go and sometimes within our own branches. Age discrimination is of course a major issue as those who are very young and the rest who are over 50 face great chalenges in finding a job. There seems to be little help for these groups?