Sunday, March 18, 2012

A message from Barnet UNISON about the film Barnet's Tories don't want you to see!

 I want to bring to your attention a community documentary film produced by Barnet residents.


We are all witnesses to the vicious assault on our communities, some of of us are enduring it both as residents, carers, service users, and workers. The recent story about Goldman Sachs is clear evidence that nothing has changed in the Financial Markets and worse still that there is a high likelihood that it could all happen again.


This film is having its world Premier tomorrow on Monday 19 March at the iconic independent cinema Phoenix (opposite East Finchley tube).


The programme for the event is as follows


6.10     Press Conference & Reception

7.00    Film starts

7.30    Discussion about the film


There has been a recent development by which the Council have banned the Barnet Alliance flyers for the film from being left in Council Libraries


The offending remark was made by BAPS activist and service user Phillip. He has been given his right to reply here in the local press


Now this has become the film the Council doesn't want residents to see.


There are going to be a number of community screening across our borough but we are looking for opportunities to share our story across the UK. 


We have produced a number of DVDs which we are hoping to sell and hope that they will be used for other screenings. 



We are also holding a screening at the House of Commons on Thursday 18 April at 7pm in the Wilson Room, 


You can help, either by

coming to one of the screenings,

purchasing the DVDs,

invite Barnet residents to a screening in your community  

publish our film on your Blog, Twitter Facebook

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