Monday, March 12, 2012

Solidarity with UNISON members striking tomorrow against pension contribution increases in the NHS

Solidarity to UNISON members in the Central De-Contamination Unit at Ayrshire Central Hospital Irvine, who are striking tomorrow and Wednesday against next month's "pension tax" contribution increase for health workers (

UNISON members in the Health Service in Scotland have no option but to fight this - as the Chair of the Scottish Health Committee puts it - "The reality is that many of our members will simply not be able to afford to make the proposed contribution increases due to start in April, and will be forced to opt out of their scheme to the future detriment of themselves, their families and communities - and the public purse."

This week's action is just the beginning of a programme of selective industrial action intended to put pressure on the Scottish Government not to do the bidding of the UK Government given that NHS pensions are a devolved matter in Scotland (

All UNISON members - indeed all trade unionists - should wish the Ayrshire strikers well for their action this week. With the SNP administration in Edinburgh carrying out orders from Westminster, this is a battle in the all-out war which has been declared on our movement by the Tory Coalition Government.

However, since the Scottish proposals ( against which UNISON members are taking action broadly mirror the proposals in England and Wales, the action of our Scottish comrades is also a timely reminder that nowhere in the UK do health workers have to give in to a slightly revised version of the proposals which were rejected in the run up to the 30 November strike.

(Hat tip to the commentator on the previous post, who reminded me of this).

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