Wednesday, March 28, 2012

London strike success

Full marks to the teachers ( and lecturers ( who closed (or partially closed) 1,400 London schools, 47 colleges and 16 universities today.

Today's important strike demonstrated that the dispute over public service pensions is far from over and that - whilst those who only ever believed in "damage limitation" take the coward's route of refusing to make a recommendation in the hope that members, receiving the demoralising message from their leaders, will seem to let those same leaders off the hook of their own responsibility for an impending, and entirely voluntary, defeat - it is perfectly possible to continue a fight for a fair settlement.

UNISON members should reflect on this positive example from sister unions of members in London taking a positive lead in a fight with the Tory Government. Imagine the profile that the largest public service union might have in our capital city if it were radical and progressive.

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