Monday, March 12, 2012

Last chance to lobby MPs to save the NHS

Tomorrow's Opposition Day Debate on the Health and Social Care Bill is the last chance for elected MPs to express opposition to the privatisation and break-up of our National Health Service.

To email your MP follow the links from the UNISON website -

Don't leave this to someone else - particularly not if your MP is a member of one of the Coalition parties.

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Anonymous said...

clowns eat clowns shock! the Numpties that disrupted the Midwife during her speech at Westminster hall, turn out to be Alliance for Workers Liberty , these clowns have been takin there lead from Expelled Unison Members that now are Unite reps, Unite embraced them [fair enough Free country] then they go and attack Unite [see AWL website] you just couldnt make it up!

Anonymous said...

fair play JR, POLITICS aside, keep the fire burning !