Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blogging interrupted

No time to blog really today I am afraid – I was pleased to spend much of my time with colleagues from the Barnet branch of UNISON who were promoting the Fremantle dispute and getting support from a wide range of fellow trade unionists.

UNISON has now agreed the wording for an Emergency Motion on the dispute which is being submitted to the General Purposes Committee and should be taken this week.

Following last night’s excellent PCS Fringe meeting the crucial debate on public sector pay saw a General Council statement committing us to coordinate industrial action.

UNISON's contribution to the public sector pay campaign will be decided over the next few days - the Local Government Service Group Executive is meeting on Thursday afternoon and the Health Service Group Executive on Friday (following the result of the consultative ballot which will be known by then). The Industrial Action Committee of the NEC is meeting on Wednesday of next week I believe.

Normal blogging will be resumed as soon as possible…

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