Monday, September 10, 2007

Gordon Brown praises union activists - but does he mean it?

It’s very touching that the first task that the Prime Minister has at the TUC is to give out the awards to union activists. Irene Stacey from Newham UNSION is being honoured for recruiting over 200 members in a year.

Irene’s exemplary work depends also – as she would be the first to acknowledge – on the excellent work of Newham UNISON Branch Chair, Michael Gavan. Michael is suspended at the moment and faces dismissal on trumped up charges.

Now that Gordon has rightly presented Irene with her award, perhaps he could have a word with Newham’s rogue Labour mayor, Robin Wales about ending the attack upon Newham UNISON?

Of is the approach of giving us awards whilst permitting our victimisation a rather fine example of the Government’s attitude to lay trade union activists?

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Peter Kenyon said...

Dear Jon

Thanks for keeping a running commentary going. I was not holding my breath, but an apology from GB for not ensuring a review of PFI policy after the 2002 Labour Conference decision wrapped up in the fraternal greetings from the Labour Party might have encouraged delegates to get on their feet at the end. As it was - a bit of a damp squib.