Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Local Government strike action on the way

Well now it’s official – UNISON has rejected the local government pay offer.

Mind you the official version is not yet a stirring call to arms…

“The NJC committee – UNISON members of the sector’s negotiating body, the national joint council – decided to ask the union’s local government service group executive and industrial action committee to authorise an industrial action ballot.”

Let’s be clear – the Service Group Executive is bound by the policy of the Local Government Conference to reject an offer worth 2.5% - and the Industrial Action Committee, as a SubCommittee of the NEC, must follow the relevant policy of National Delegate Conference.

The decision has been taken and there is no room for doubt or equivocation. Now is the time to mobilise our members for the strike action which cannot now be avoided.

The decision of the National Joint Council Committee was overwhelming and must and will be supported by our Union. Members of the Service Group Executive are being consulted right now on their support for the decision – UNISON activists can always contact their SGE members to check that they are following our agreed policy!

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Anonymous said...

I assume this means in future that if Conference passes a motion turning down an offer of a particular percentage,this automatically excludes the membership being consulted.Maybe the consultation on the 2% offer was initiated before conference I don't know but if its good enough to consult on 2% its should be okay to consult on 2.5%. Not very democratic for the membership at large to be denied the opportunity to have a say.