Thursday, September 06, 2007

Say No to Victimisation

I understand that the season for hunting Grouse (pronounced “Grice” by those who shoot the poor creatures) begins on 12 August.

Unfortunately it seems that it is always open season for reactionary employers to try to victimise trade union representatives.

I was shocked to hear yesterday that cost-cutting and pay-cutting wreckers of North London care homes, Fremantle, have sacked UNISON activist Andrew Rogers (no relation)(except that he is my brother trade unionist!)

Follow that link and you’ll find some immediate action you can take to express solidarity.

Of course it is not just our privatised members who face the risk of victimisation if they stand up for union members – Michael Gavan is under attack by Newham Council, and Karen Reissman by her health trust in Manchester.

If you have a branch or branch Committee meeting coming up, remember to send messages of support to these victimised activists – and donations if you can afford them!

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